You can create, access, and manage multiple Loop Team workspaces — all accessible from one single pane view experience. If you’re a freelancer, a contractor, or just want to use Loop Team to connect with multiple groups — we've got you covered.

To create a new workspace:

1.) Tap the ▼ next to your name at the top of Loop Team.

2.) Select "+ Add workspace"

3.) Enter your new workspace details:

4.) Follow the steps to confirm your new workspace.

5.) You can toggle between your new workspaces in 'Settings ▼"


  • Want to join another workspace vs. create a new one? Request an invite from the workspace owner. Join the workspace with your existing email and you'll be able to access this workspace from 'Settings ▼' as well.

  • You can only be online in one workspace at a time. When you switch to a different workspace, you'll become online in that workspace and offline in your other workspaces. Support for being online in multiple workspaces at the same time is coming soon.

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