Drop In is a quick way to talk to teammates when you need to sync up, clear a blocker or know that two minutes of talking will beat 10 back and forth chat threads.

To start a conversation with a workspace member:

  1. Scroll to Drop In to find the person you want to talk to

  2. Check their Activity presence to get a sense if it's a good time to interrupt – note timezone and what they are currently doing

  3. Click the person’s name (In the video demo below we'll Drop in on Justina)

  4. You will immediately appear on their desktop in the Loop Team window.

  5. They will only hear you and your video will be off.

  6. They can unmute to talk to you, or dismiss the Loop window if it’s not a good time for them.

Keep in mind:

  • Everyone in your workspace can see who you are talking to. It is displayed in your workspace navigation.

  • Video defaults off for both of you. Anyone can turn on Video during the Drop In.

  • You can Screen Share during the Drop In.

  • There is no Record option. The Drop In does not have transcripts, audio files, and meeting summaries.

  • Soon, you will be able to quickly message back when you dismiss a Drop In.

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