Discussions set to 'Go Live' are by nature available to teammates to join, follow along via text-based keywords and screen shares, listen in to, and consume post-discussion/meeting via audio clips.

To 'Listen in' to a live discussion:

1.) Hover over the in progress meeting (see the 'Standup' meeting in progress in the video below):

2.) Click the 'Listen In' button

3.) Once clicked, you'll hear the audio of the meeting in progress and you'll also see a new entry in the workspace indicating more details about which room or discussion you're listening in to. (ex:. "Listening in to Standup')

4.) Hit the 'X' to stop listening at any time

Do teammates in a discussion know if I'm listening?

Loop Team is meant to encourage more discussion with your team. Users in a discussion can see when a new listener joins the discussion, however they are initially only indicated to those in the discussion via an overlaid text that indicates "+1 Listener", "+2 Listeners", and so on, in the conference window.

If a teammate hovers over the "+2 Listeners" text, they can see the listeners.

This is done intentionally so as not to distract those in the meeting, as some users may jump in and out of meetings in 'Listen in' mode. Unlike when a teammate joins a meeting or discussion, there are no notification sounds for the same reason.

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