Requesting a chat is a simple way to connect with any team member in the workspace. It lets teams streamline the more formal process of coordinating a scheduled meeting.

Need to talk to a teammate?

1.) Hover over their profile image and tap the 'Request a chat' button.

2.) Chat requests have the option to include a message (ex: " I was hoping to chat about the new proposal from Smith Co.)

3.) Hit send and the invited teammate will get an immediate notification in their Loop Team notification tray about your request to chat.

If the invitee is available, they can Drop-in on the sender with just one click. If they're not available, they simply disregard the notification and can follow up asynchronously when they're next available.

Both inviter and invitee will have a reminder in their workspaces about the pending request until it is 'x' out.

Note: If the invitee is offline (not in the workspace), they'll also receive an email notification.

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