Each of us previously worked or managed distributed teams and recognized what we missed from working in an open office. I'm sure many of you can now also relate because of shelter-in-place due to COVID.

In interviewing 100s of remote full-time workers, especially those as part of partially or fully distributed teams, we found the following themes: workers felt lonely, out of the loop, missed social interactions, missed background discussions, missed access and visibility, missed ways to ask quick questions and more.

With Loop Team, we are trying to solve some of this by bringing the best parts of IRL (in real life) office experiences to distributed teams. We do this by providing real presence and enabling those office-like interactions with quick drop-ins (audio or video calls). We extend this further by providing real context of the conversations and activities that have happened across your workspace - so you feel connected and in the loop.

We recognize that Loop Team will not be the only tool in your remote work stack but we do believe that a virtual office is a key component for keeping distributed teams connected. We’re excited to share Loop Team with you. And if you want to learn more about other tools and best practice, please see our Remote 101 guide.

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