If you hear an echo or audio feedback, most often it is caused by:

  • Someone’s mic is too close to their speaker or sound output.

  • Multiple computers with the meeting audio on in the same space

  • Speakers are too loud

  • One or more users is experiencing show or unstable network conditions

  • Echo cancellation failed due to device or performance issues

  • A bad microphone

What you can do:

  1. Ask participants if they changed devices or headsets during the meeting. Sometimes an echo is created when you change microphones and switch devices. 

  2. Check your device’s microphone volume. In System Settings, verify your device’s volume is not set too high in the Sound preferences.

  3. Enter Loop Team device settings and try turning off echo cancellation or other to see if that helps resolve your issue.

If that does not work, we suggest you:

  1. Ask participants to mute one at a time to determine who might be causing the echo.

  2. Ask the participant who created the echo to refresh by going to Loop Team -> View -> Reload.

  3. If you still encounter echo issues, please let us know at support@loopteam.co. We are always improving call and video quality and want to know.

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