1. When a member has Loop Team open, their current Activity is displayed next to their name

  2. Activities are based on the current, in focus application on your desktop

  3. Activities are described like this:
    - In email
    - Messaging
    - Coding
    - Designing
    - And more…

  4. If Loop Team believes the member is in a flow state, "Focused" will display

Keep in mind:

  • Loop Team displays descriptions of what people typically do in various business application categories. Loop Team only knows about business applications. The file name and/or document are not accessible to Loop Team

  • The specific applications are not shared in the Activity

  • You can turn off Activity Presence via Loop Team Settings

  • Activity presence runs locally on your machine; no data is shared to Loop Team

  • Activity presence makes your team feel more connected in that it provides context akin to being in a real world office

  • Focused helps you determine whether it is or isn't a good time to engage

  • If your current Activity is not correct, please let us know. You might be using an application that we’re not currently covering. Send us an email at support@loopteam.co

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