All workspace members have the option to set meetings, discussions, and Rooms to 'Go Live' — a way to openly share and broadcast discussions that may be of interest to members of the workspace.

Setting a discussion or room to 'Go Live' keeps everyone in the loop with:

1.) The ability to follow along real-time discussion with AI-generated keywords, screen shares, and 'who's talking' indicator

2.) The ability to 'Listen in' (link) and hear the live discussions in progress (akin to background discussions in the office)

3.) The ability to access post-discussion AI-generated discussion summaries and highlights, screenshots of the screen shares, @mentions, audio files, and transcript.

'Go Live' can be set and controlled at the Room level and for each individual meeting

Keep in mind:

  • When a meeting is set to 'Go Live', a red 'broadcasting' icon is prominently displayed to all attendees Even when the 'Go Live' is set for a Room, anyone can turn this off during specific meetings in that Room.

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