Create Rooms that make sense for how your company works together. You might want to create a Room for each team, customer or big project – it’s up to you. 

To create a Room: 

  1. Click the + near ROOMS 

  2. Name the Room. It can be anything you want – a team, topic, project, etc.

  3. Review the Room URL

  4. Use Vanity URL default is On. You can change the Vanity URL to whatever you like 

  5. To mask the Room URL, toggle Use Vanity URL to OFF 

  6. Click Confirm

  7. Confirmation includes the new Room’s URL, and a shortcut to copy it. It’s easy to share with teammates and add to calendar invites.

  8. The new Room immediately appears in the Lobby and is visible to all teammates

Keep in mind:

  • The Vanity URL is based on your Workspace name appended with the Room name: “ name”

  • When you toggle Use Vanity URL to OFF, random characters are generated for the Room URL. 

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