Rooms are public places where meetings happen and smart recordings can be saved and shared. 

Everyone in your workspace can see meetings happening with real-time descriptions of who is in the Room and who is currently talking. If the meeting is recorded, every member can read the summaries, view the transcript and listen to the audio file.

Everyone in your workspace can create Rooms.

Keep in mind:

  • When you meet in Rooms, everyone sees the meeting taking place. The meeting is displayed in the Navigation to all workspace members.
  • Avatars are displayed below the Room name for every person in the meeting, including external guests.
  • Automatic Recording is available for all Rooms and defaults On. All members can control the Room’s recording setting.
  • When you record meetings in Rooms, everyone in your workspace can Play recording, View  transcript, and see Meeting summaries.
  • After a meeting, use Share meeting link to give people inside and outside your workspace access to it.
  • You can meet with anyone in My Office, including workspace members and people outside your workspace.
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